Ed Hodges, AIA
Ed Hodges, AIAPrincipal and CEO

About Me

Today, most people know Ed as a CEO who works alongside a leadership team of friends including, Randy Kreie, Diane Dooley and Steve Keyser to lead and implement the strategic direction and management of DiMella Shaffer. His path to his current role started at North Carolina State University and continued as an architect at firms in the Boston area.  Ed joined DiMella Shaffer in 1987 and worked under the mentorship of Huygens, DiMella, Shaffer and others, reinforcing his long held belief in the value of the “craft” of architecture.  Ed practices with an artistic eye and practical hand using the experience he gained as a carpenter and works to ensure these values inform the current work of DiMella Shaffer.


I’m inspired by working with interesting programs and environments where the mix of buildings and landscape, as well as the juxtaposition of spaces, necessitate a dialogue among elements. I like exploring how materials can reinforce the architectural idea – for example, the notion that the heaviness of stone can ground a building, or be cut thin and expressed as a plane. I’m also inspired by the collaborative process of architecture, where it’s not important that an idea is my idea, but that it’s the best idea.
Good Design is problem solving with an aesthetic overlay. It goes without saying that the functional issues of a particular commission need to be resolved, but real architecture is the result of how that functional program is clothed and arranged to make it delightful to those who use and interact with it. Good design results from understanding that buildings have an impact on peoples’ lives and that they can be inspired and comforted by their environment.